About Stonewood: We provide customized services with a personal touch!

 Stonewood was established in 2000. The company started out installing granite countertops for residential as well as commercial projects ranging from skyscrapers and condominium complexes to doctors rooms, salons, and spas.

 In the residential market, Stonewood has worked from $150,000 to $10,000,000 homes in all the prestigious subdivisions in Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, and Alabama. 

 In the Atlanta area, Stonewood is well-known for its quality workmanship in communities like Riverclub, Country Club of the South, St. Ives, St. Marlo, Windermere, Eagle Landing, Chatu Elan, and Edenburge.

 Stonewood also added solid surfaces to its line of products in 2006 because of growing demand for them from existing customers in the commercial and residential market. Cabinets followed shortly after that, and until today, the demand for custom as well as semi-custom cabinetry keeps growing. 

 Stonewood manufactures most of its custom cabinets in-house and uses bertch cabinets from Ohia as its semi-custom supplier. 

 Since the economical downturn in 2007, Stonewood added flooring to its line of services to complement the existing countertops and cabinets, which were well established at that stage.