Floors: Stonewood Design Supply & Install any kind of floor surface you desire, from tile to hardwoods.


We can install any design from french patterns to subway designs, and we will make it look like a million dollars' worth.

-We specialize in natural tile, especially in Traveltine, and we give attention to detail and prepare the surfaces to make sure your investment will last for many years to come.

-For the less expensive option, the ceramic tile is still a popular choice since there are so many textures and colors available.


Stonewood also does hardwood, laminate, and pre-finish floors. We will install a brand new hardwood floor to match perfectly with your existing floor in an adjacent room or maybe just in an extra room where you desire to replace existing carpeting with hardwood.

If this does not sound like you, maybe we can transform your whole house with custom design borders and inlays with one of our exotic wood species.

-Wood Speices:

Oak (White & red)

Rustic Oak




Pine (Knotty)