Back-Splashes: Granite & Tile 


a) Full Back-Splashes normally consist of either the same material and color as the countertops or the same material as but different color than the countertops.

It covers the same space between upper and base cabinets. 


This type of back-splash is very practical since it has no groutlines that might get discoloration over time.


This type of back-splash is more expensive that other types and there is less opportunity for designs in the pattern.

b) The 4" or 6" back-splash is the standard used in bathrooms today, because normally a mirror will be mounted over the countertop.

The purpose of a back-splash is to prevent water damage to the walls, since any kind of water spill on countertops will soak the dry wall on the side and back of countertops.


This is the most popular back-splash used in kitchens today. The reason for this lies in the fact that it is relatively inexpensive and allows for all kinds of designs and patterns to be incorporated.

From a design point-of-view the possibilities are endless.

There are basically two types of tile used:

A. Ceramic

B. Natural Stone

Decorative Material:

A. Ceramic

It is the least expensive of the the two types of tile, but it is dated. 

Ceramic tile also requires less maintenance than the natural stone.

B. Natural Stone

In this category you can choose among Marble, Traveltine, Slate, or Granite. 

These come in different sizes such as 4"x 4"; 8"x 8"; 3"x 6"; 2"x 4"; etc...

...and in different finishes, including Honed, Tumbled, Chiseled, or Polished.

The design possibilities with natural stone are endless.

The most popular by far are the Tumbled Marble and Traveltine tiles.